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TDD Kata’s vs Real World

Quite often when we are running TDD workshops there are new people who come along to find out what it is all about and struggle to understand the why. Some of the comments I most here are that the exercises

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AmbientContext Services – Nuget packages

I finally got to the point where I have been using the AmbientContext pattern for a number of AmbientServices and made a few github repositories, some AppVeyor CI builds and some nuget packages so I could consume them in other

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RESTful Microservices

Last week I was able to attend a workshop in London on implementing microservices using the concept of RESTful communication. Jim Webber, the presenter, is an articulate character which combines well with his relaxed delivery style and engaging banter. Being

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TDD Workshops @ Coolblue

It’s been a bit over 2 months now since joining Coolblue and I’ve been lucky to have made some good friends already that share a like minded passion for Software Craftsmanship. Devon, the lead for one of the back office

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Akka.NET and DI Testing

Having had a few solid months of Akka.NET under my belt, and now using it to write some production microservices, I quickly wanted to note down some of the more useful aspects that come into play when testing Actors. In

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Ambient Context

Everyone sane agrees that dependencies for classes should come in via a single constructor on the class requiring the dependencies. Also, anyone sane should also agree that the use of the static keyword is an anathema to loosely coupled and

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Canterbury Software Summit

I had the opportunity to attend the Canterbury Software Summit for 2015 yesterday, which was a very polished and well run event. For me the highlight of the technical stream was Ben Amor, from Xero, who presented a piece

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