XP Days Ukraine 2017

I recently spoke in the Ukraine at XP Days 2017 and had a great time.

Mikalai and the team at XP Injection did a fantastic job of organizing this event and gathered together some great speakers covering a wide raft of topics. While most of the talks where in Russian, there was still at least one talk in English in each time slot, more than catering for the non-Russian speaking attendees.

The schedule had my talk on Ports & Adapters opening immediately after the keynote from Venkat and was also competing against another english talk by Noam Almog on Rapid Development with Microservices.

The various scenarios playing out in my head didn’t help with the nerves either… If the keynote speech was awesome (which it was) then I’d have people with high expectations at my talk, if the keynote sucked, then I’d have disillusioned people at my talk … If everyone was still high on microservices concaine then I’d have a very small audience, but if people wanted to really know more about ports and adapters then I’d have a full room, and judging by the number of chairs this would be around 200 people.

Thankfully, the keynote talk by Venkat had a high focus on what I’ve always referred to as designing for testability, something that the port’s and adapter’s pattern is extremely good for, and I got a reasonable amount of people show up to my talk, not a full room thankfully, but still enough to make it one of the larger talks I’ve given so far.

The video stream of my talk is available on YouTube here for those who have asked for it, and the full playlist of the talks is here.

One of the features the conference organizers had was that after a speaker finished his talk, we had an area set aside out in the foyer where people could come and have more lengthy discussions around the topic we were speaking on.

This area worked really well, and after I had finished speaking I had an enjoyable hour and half with various people discussing port’s and adapters, scribbling on whiteboards and some more on the fly coding examples !

For those of you who have never attended an XP Days event run by XP Injection, definitely keep it on your radar for 2018 since it’s certain they will continue to get better each year and continue to have excellent topics relevant to most people.

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